Azumi and the Vertical Slice is a proof of concept for a 2D action platformer that attempts to bring modern indie speed and catharsis to the classic days of the Sega Mega Drive and Blast Processing.  Fight through a wave of enemies and escape the room you're trapped in!

This is the first game I've ever tried to build, so I'm sure there's lots of room for growth, which is why I'm posting here! Still a demo, or vertical slice, my goal here was to try and get good feeling movement, and juicy, cathartic combat.

Depending on reception, I'll either continue to make tweaks, or move on to building a full game with levels and bosses! 

I recommend playing with a gamepad, since arrow keys seem to still scroll the window up and down when pressed.  If I can figure out how to stop that I'll update the game file xD

Thank you for playing!



Z = Dash
X = Attack/Select
C = Jump
Arrow keys = Move
Esc = Pause/skip cutscenes

Gamepad (assuming Xbox layout)-

B = Dash
A = Jump
X = Attack/Select
D-Pad = Move
Start = Pause/skip cutscenes.

Updated 6 days ago
AuthorTom Oliver
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withBlender, Construct, Krita
Tags2D, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)

Development log


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Nice man

Thank you

The platforming and combat feels so good!

Thanks! I spent a lot of time tweaking it. Jan Willem Nijman's "The Art of Screenshake" talk was a huge help!